Incident Reporting

NARIX believes in creating environments that align with shared community values defined here.

We want to empower NARIX attendees and community members to share information about situations, individuals, groups and/or venues that they have concerns about. If you feel an individual, group and/or venue does not align with our values or is dangerous to NARIX attendees, please consider reporting that to us.

You can also use this form to report concerns about NARIX Steering Committee members.

We will do our best to respect how the person who reports to us wants the matter to be handled. We will do our best to work with those who report in a way they feel most comfortable.

We plan to use reports to help us make sure the environments we create and the people who participate in NARIX align with our values. If we receive information here that leads us to believe an individual, group and/or venue doesn’t align with our values or poses a danger to NARIX attendees, we plan to act on that information and potentially remove individual/s from our events or not work with a venue.

If you are not ready for action to be taken against a person\s who you have caused you harm, we’ve pulled together resources that might help you here (link forthcoming shortly!).

Our Process

1. When we receive the form, we will discuss the situation among the steering committee unless you’ve told us you don’t want a specific person involved or if your report involves a steering committee member. If you say on the form you want to discuss further with us, we will reach out to you. At least two steering committee members will be involved in conversations.

2. We will follow up with other people involved to tell them we have received a report and offer them the opportunity to discuss the situation with us.

3. We may follow up with additional questions with everyone’s permission to do so.

4. We will decide if action needs to be taken if we believe someone doesn’t align with our values or if we feel the situation poses a danger to participants in our events.

5. We will notify the people involved of our decision (unless someone has requested we don’t).

6. If someone has been disqualified from our events, we are open to discussions after 12 months if the individual demonstrates they’ve gone through a community accountability process, have changed their behavior, and feel they can align with our values. Please note, we can reject appeals if we don’t feel that allowing individuals back into our events will serve our values or our participants.

If you have experienced harm, but don’t feel this process would serve you at this time, we support and encourage you to review the list of resources.