Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a group of passionate riggers and rope enthusiasts who feel strongly that community is the best way to learn.

Meet the Steering Committee Members


Pronouns: They/Them/Perceived pronouns

Cam Damage is a geeky, sub-leaning switch, sadomasochist, model/photographer and an overall rope and pain enthusiast. They are a member of The Kraken’s Lair family in Baltimore, and are entering their third year in their rope journey as a bottom, rigger, and self-tier. When it comes to rope, Cam is most interested in energy exchange/interaction, body mechanics and movement, creative expression and finding the limits to which one can be pushed. Cam has taught beginner rope and BDSM skills around the U.S., and spends most of their free time searching for rope experiences and education.


Pronouns: They/Them

SweetZephyr found their way to rope after 14 years of serious recreational exploration of martial arts, circus and rock climbing. They identify as a switch and have been tying for about four years, They are fascinated by rope as a movement practice, meditation, and rich experience of human interaction. In their local community, they founded and co-facilitate Oakland Rope Collective. They also spend about 3 months a year traveling, studying, and visiting rope communities across the United States, Europe, and Japan, drawn by their passion for community and knowledge.


Pronouns: She/Her

WhiskyTangoFoxy is a bottom-leaning switch who loves self-tying, self suspension bondage and DIY projects. She is an active member of the Chicago BDSM scene and uses she/her pronouns. Among other events, she can be found leading a monthly Kinky Crafting group, on Twitter, or serving on the moderator team for FetLife’s Self-Tie Tuesday group. She has presented rope instruction, bottoming courses or moderated panels for Dark Odyssey, FIRE, Kinky Kollege and Twisted Tryst.

YumYum Panda

Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them

Panda is a rigging, self tying, bottoming rope enthusiast who has been in the scene for over 5 years. She is the founder of Start Here a group that spans across 3 states that is geared towards educating new people in the scene. Panda also has experience presenting across the country, organizing/managing/advising small and large scale kink events/cons, instructor development, curriculum development, and has a professional background in Education with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion.